Goal Setting 101

Setting Smart Goals & Living Your Wildest Dreams

Learn The SMARTEY System And You Will Never Be Stuck Again - Experience True Freedom!!

SMARTEY - Learn this 7-step secret in creating smart goals and how to achieve your wildest dreams

Printable Worksheets - Keep your goals on track and hold yourself fully accountable

Join SMARTEY - Private Facebook Group and meet other like-minded people who will encourage you along your journey

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

The SMARTEY Goal Setting System works when we do the work, however if for some reason you are unable to do the work and would like a refund, please email amira@YogiEscape.com and your refund will be promptly processed.

Shazya Suleman, Spiritual Shaz

Amira is an amazing yoga teacher and health coach. She has studied health psychology and yoga extensively and is knowledgeable on a variety of topics pertaining to these fields. Amira is a genuine and kind-hearted soul who ensures her clients always get the best possible experience.

I would highly recommend Amira for anyone interested in yoga or health coaching services!

Di Vention,
Dynavention Inc.

Not only is Amira highly skilled in health & fitness, she's an 'Influencer' on Instagram and she manages our company's Social Media Market, SMM, using her 'Giveaway' strategies to grow our Facebook & Instagram accounts.

If you don't have the time nor staff to devote to SMM, connect with Amira who has the business and social skills to best represent your company online.

Z'da A. Khan,

Amira was very influential in advising me to make small changes to move from 'eating for calories' to 'eating for nutrition'. She challenge my current mindset about food and offered healthier alternatives which is better for the body.  Amira's knowledge on food & nutrition is impressive, as well as her knowledge on exercise, yoga and the psychology on making changes!!

If you are looking for transnational changes, in your health, fitness and goal setting, I highly recommend working with Amira :)

Disclaimer: The SMARTEY System will work ONLY if you do the work.  Since we do not know if you will read this ebook and put the SMARTEY principles to work, we cannot claim that the SMARTEY System will work for you. 

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