"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." — Napoleon Hill  


My Commitment To Practicing Yoga Daily Started My Goal Setting Journey

When I started university, I was battling clinical Anxiety & Depression and in my 2nd year I started to take classes in Psychology and ended switching majors from Computer Science to Psychology.  I somehow felt that to medicate a teenager due to their brain not producing the right 'happy' chemicals was not how I wanted to live my life and I decided to dedicate my time to specifically learn more about Health Psychology and how I could improve my own health and well being.  

  • I committed to practicing yoga in November 2015.
  • Practicing Yoga helped me to bridge connection between breath, mind, and body.
  •  Yoga taught me awareness which travels into every aspect of my life.

The Goal Setting Techniques I learned along my Yoga Journey, now a Certified Yoga Instructor, has been instrumental in all aspects of my life, and now I share my Simple 7-Step Goal Setting Formula To Achieve Any Goal You Desire.  I offer a FREE 1-on-1, 30-minute Goal Setting Strategy Session to those who are prepared to doing what it takes to make massive changes in their lives in order to Live Their Wildest Dreams.

Is that YOU? 


Simple 7-Step Goal Setting Formula To Achieve Any Goal You Desire

Have you ever thought of starting a new task, but never got started?  Have you ever set a goal and then never followed through?  Learn the SMARTEY Goal Setting System by asking 7 Simple Questions; "Is my goal . . . " 

1. Specific

    Is your goal specific?

    Is there room to cheat?

2. Measurable

     Is your goal measurable?

     Can you track your success?

3. Attainable

     Is your goal attainable?

     Can you complete your goal this week?

4. Realistic

     Is your goal realistic?

     Can you make time for your goal?

5. Trackable

     Can you track your weekly goal progress?

6. Excuses

     Do you have any excuses?

     Find ways around your excuses before starting!

7. Your Mindset

     Do you believe you can complete your goal this/next week 

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